Ilya Olevsky

My name is Ilya Olevsky, and I got my start in computer programming at the age of 12. Around that time was when I got my hands on my first computer.

Once I got a chance to mess around with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1, I quickly fell in love with computers and programming. It was an unforgettable period in my life.

One time I managed to delete the entire DOS directory (literally where DOS system files were located) because of a mistake I made in a BAT file that I created for automating file deletion (not the smartest idea in retrospect).

I’ve gradually progressed in programming language complexity from QBasic all the way to C++. Currently I am using PHP and JavaScript for web development, as I believe that web applications are the future of computing.

Although I started out as a Software Engineer (I have a degree in Computer Science from NJIT), I evolved to management and was the Product Manager for my last employer’s flagship product. I have since quit that job and started Rabbit Leap, a Project Management software startup. Rabbit Leap’s first product is called Squire and is currently in beta.

I live in the NYC metro area which is highly renowned for its great weather, light traffic, and excellent drivers.